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About: Our Drinks

Chris and Rachael welcome you to The Birdcage

We bought the pub (then The Crown Inn) in September 2015 and completely renovated it ourselves. After 9 months of hard work we finally opened on May 6th 2016. 
Our vision was always to provide a safe, friendly and happy place for nice people and to put on events that would attract a diverse clientele. 
Slowly but surely new people heard about the Birdcage and came to see what it was all about. Apart from live music, open mic and Quiz nights (which Chris writes and hosts) we started to meet people who were interested in putting on Spoken Word nights and Comedy nights which are now regular events. 
We have always liked to put on unusual gatherings and think a bit outside the box and have had burlesque nights, anti-pantomimes, spiritual mediums, 90’s Madchester DJ nights, Street Food pop ups, Reggae Nights, Charity music events, Pints and portraits, Karaoke and even a New Order tribute band. 
We are always open to new ideas so feel free to approach us with them.
We feel so lucky to have such wonderful, loyal regular customers and we always welcome new people (and friendly dogs on leads) with open arms. We are an inclusive place and don’t tolerate intolerance. 
We look forward to many more years having fun at The Birdcage and to welcoming new customers. 
Hopefully we will see you soon
Chris and Rachael Brooke


Visit The Birdcage

Good Drinks. Good Music. Good People.

The Birdcage holds regular events such as Karaoke, Spoken Word, Live Music, Comedy nights, Quiz and Curry nights and Pop Up street food.

About: Welcome

A long standing water hole

More Than Just a Night Out

Back in the day, the tradition of drinking and eating establishments were to foster community and connect people across generations. Rachael and Chris are proud to run the Birdcage and carry on the local feel for visitors from all over the UK.

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Learn about our history

Behind the bar is a list of Landlords and Ladies dating back over 200 years. If you know anything more about us, we'd love to hear your memories.

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About: Image
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